The Antislavery Early Career Research Network welcomes new members from all disciplines across the globe. Institution academics and community scholars are welcome.

As members, early career researchers have the benefit of a range of benefits, including access to a small grants scheme (soon to be launched), free attendance at Antislavery ERA events, access to the Collaborations Page (TBL), and of course to a profile feature on our website. Unlike most membership-based networks, there is no membership fee to join the Antislavery ERA as we want to ensure that it is as accessible and open to ECRs as possible. However, we do expect you to be actively engaged in the Network through attendance at events, the submission of content for the website, involvement in outputs, or in other ways (with a base assumption that you will engage at least once a year).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

If you would like to join the Network, please complete this form and email a picture of yourself and an appropriate supporting image related to your research to

Please ensure that you send through a decent quality image so that it does not degrade when viewed in a larger size. Please note: if your image does not conform with the identified dimensions it will be cropped.

Alternatively, you may complete this  Profile Template word document  and email with supporting images to the same address.

Please note that this information will be included in your site profile.