Katarina Schwarz


Katarina is Research Associate in the Rights Lab and a third year PhD candidate in the School of Law at the University of Nottingham, having transferred from Queen’s University Belfast in 2017. Her research project, funded under the AHRC Antislavery Usable Past award, explores the legal dimensions of the claim for reparations for ‘historical’ enslavement and the Maangamizi, supervised by Professor Kevin Bales and Professor David Fraser, and supported by Professor Jean Allain (Monash University) and Doctor Luke Moffett (QUB).

Since graduating from the University of Otago (NZ) with both an LLB(Hons) and a performing arts degree, Katarina has been involved in a series of advocacy projects concerning human exploitation and reparations, including a comprehensive review of domestic legislation dealing with slavery, servitude, forced labour and human trafficking, the development of a database of international obligations and domestic legislation, and a number of submissions to the ICC, ECCC, and the Special Rapporteur on Contemporary forms of Slavery. She has also worked with Antislavery International on legal tools for NGOs in India dealing with bonded labour, and on the development of Model Antislavery Legislation (in collaboration with Professor Jean Allain).

Katarina is currently teaching a module on antislavery policy and legal frameworks in the world’s first dedicated antislavery Masters course.

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