Location Date Time
University of Liverpool Friday 6 October 2017 10:00 – 19:00


Human enslavement is not a new phenomenon, nor was it extinguished with legal abolition as many believed. In a purportedly post-emancipation age, this workshop considered slavery and antislavery throughout history and today, the growth of research in the area, and the future of this field of scholarship. Connecting past and present, we reflected on the research of the next generation of antislavery scholars and the contribution that we can make to contemporary efforts to end the enslavement of 46 million people worldwide.

The workshop invited UK-based and international postgraduate researchers studying topics relating to slavery, antislavery, and human trafficking to engage in discussion about their research, explore disciplinary and inter-disciplinary issues and approaches, and become part of a growing network of post-graduate and early career researchers working in the area.

This workshop was funded and organised by the Arts and Humanities Research Council Antislavery Usable Past project (Universities of Nottingham and Hull) and the Centre for the Study of International Slavery (University of Liverpool).

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