Position PhD Candidate
Institution University of Granada
Discipline Law
Affiliations Red Iberoamericana de Investigación sobre Formas Contemporáneas de Esclavitud y Derechos HumanosCriminal Law Department, University of Granada
Twitter @AValverdeC
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Contact  anabelenvcano@gmail.com

Personal Bio

Ana_Belen_Valverde_CanoAna is a third year PhD candidate at the University of Granada. Her research project, funded by the Ministry of Education of Spain, explores the inconsistency of legal regulation within the Spanish framework of contemporary forms of slavery. This is supervised by Prof. Esteban Pérez Alonso and Prof. Inmaculada Ramos Tapia, both from the University of Granada.

Since graduating from the University of Granada with both an LLB (Hons) and Law Degree, Ana has developed her research in modern slavery with the focus on the Spanish Criminal Law. Ana has also worked with the Committee Against Torture and the Committee on Enforced Disappearances at the United Nations OHCHR. She is currently developing a Research Framework on Contemporary Forms of Slavery which gathers universities from Ibero-american countries and collates their experiences with modern slavery. The book “El Derecho ante las Formas Contemporáneas de Esclavitud” in which she contributes is one of the main reference books about modern slavery and Law in Spain.

Ana is currently teaching Criminal Law and Criminology at the University of Granada. Here she is developing an innovative project which focuses on teaching through social media (namely youtube).

Research Profile

!Ana’s doctoral research focuses on the current regulation of the most severe forms of labour exploitation within the Spanish framework. The aim of this analysis is to highlight the existing legal inconsistencies and to propose a comprehensive antislavery regulation in accordance with international standards. The proposal takes into account the legal concepts which already exist and have been interpreted by the Courts in order to facilitate an effective implementation in Spain.

Ana’s research covers various fields: criminal law, public international law, human rights and international labour law.


Red Iberoamericana de Investigación sobre Formas Contemporáneas de Esclavitud y Derechos Humanos ((DER2014-56417-C3-1-P)

Ana is part of the Secretariat which gathers 33 Universities from 12 Ibero-american countries. The main aim of this Network is to promote legal research on modern slavery issues, especially within the Ibero-american context.

Slavery and women (DER2014-56417-C3-2P)

This project, funded by the Ministry of Economy of Spain, is focused on developing a greater understanding of the gender perspective in human exploitation.

Other projects: Sienna-Technology, ethics and human rights (EU project)

Ana is also contributing in providing frameworks to help develop research ethics protocols, professional ethical codes and better legal frameworks, particularly in regards to the use of artificial intelligence.


P Cavanna, A B Valverde-Cano, A Weatherburn, ‘Securing Labour Exploitation in Law: Slavery, Servitude and Forced Labour in Italy, Spain and the UK’, [2019] Journal of Modern Slavery (forthcoming).

A B Valverde Cano, ‘Trata con fines de explotación laboral: la problemática de las definiciones’, in AA.VV., Actas del I Congreso Nacional sobre Trata (Editorial Laborum) (forthcoming)

A B Valverde Cano, La protección jurídico-penal de las víctimas de las formas contemporáneas de esclavitud a la luz del derecho internacional, europeo y nacional (Madrid: Editorial Universitaria Ramón Areces, 2017).

A B Valverde Cano and J A Castillo Parrilla, ‘Trata de seres humanos como un asunto de seguridad. ¿Existen instrumentos suficientes para la lucha contra el cibertrafficking?’, in M Durán Cenit and R González Abellán (coord.), Los estudios militares y de seguridad en los albores del siglo XXI (Editorial Universidad de Granada, 2017), 243-264.

A B Valverde Cano, ‘La ausencia de un delito de esclavitud, servidumbre y trabajos forzados en el Código Penal Español’, in E J Pérez Alonso (dir.), El Derecho ante las Formas Contemporáneas de Esclavitud (Valencia: Tirant Lo Blanch, 2016), 425-443.

A B Valverde Cano, ‘Casos prácticos’, in J M Zugaldía Espinar (dir.), Lecciones de Derecho Penal Parte General, (Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch, 2016), 337-366.

Additional information

Ana is engaged in various scientific dissemination projects: she  won the competition of scientific monologues at the ‘I Jornadas Nacionales de Investigadores en Formación’ in the University of Granada (June 2018) and the Three Minutes Thesis competition held in the University of Granada (March 2018) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le-ULYrfytk&t=9s).