Position Master of Research in Criminology Candidate
Institution University of Manchester
Discipline Criminology; Peace and Conflict Studies
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Contact  iglesias_colombia@hotmail.com

Personal Bio

1Colombian human trafficking researcher, currently undertaking a Master of Research in Criminology at the University of Manchester. His interest in human trafficking research began in 2008, when he lived in Beijing and was asked to translate for Colombian victims of sexual exploitation motivating him to pursue a Master of Arts in International Peace Studies at the UN mandated University for Peace and a research internship at the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking in Bangkok. There, he learnt to implement innovative methodologies to identify victims of trafficking among diverse populations in the Greater Mekong Sub region. Upon his return to Colombia in 2011, where I started work at a Human Trafficking think-tank that focused on internal human trafficking.

In 2015 he was appointed Secretary of Tourism in Santa Marta, one of Colombia´s main ecotourism destinations. Here, he had the opportunity to partner with Fundación Renacer to raise awareness on Child Sex Tourism and implementing the Code certification on tourism service providers as well as providing specialized training to relevant stakeholders.

Research Profile

2Human Trafficking Sentinel Surveillance on Venezuelan migrants in Colombia

His research interest lies in utilizing epidemiological methodologies to identify victims of modern slavery in specific contexts. He has been part of four studies on human trafficking. The first aimed at identifying victims of domestic servitude amongst Cambodian workers returning from Malaysia and the Middle East. It also looked at how practices from agencies that recruited them could be considered exploitative. He was also part of a human trafficking sentinel surveillance in Poipet (Thai-Cambodian border), where interviews were conducted  on a representative sample of Cambodian deportees returning from Thailand and, based on these interviews, devised statistical models to identify trends of irregular migration and human trafficking amongst Cambodian migrants.

Other Studies

Upon his return to Colombia, he was part of a study that tried to understand the scope of internal human trafficking is this country and the civil society response towards this phenomenon. As well, he presented his findings on how human trafficking could be present in recruiting soldiers into illegal armed groups in Colombia in the 2013 Latin American Congress on Human Trafficking.


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Acknowledgments in:

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