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Discipline Health Sciences
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Personal Bio

Danielle Freitag, LADCDanielle Freitag, LADC, co-founding director of Action169, is an overcomer of severe addiction and years in the commercial sex industry.

Danielle works as a counselor and advocate, providing direct support, care and counseling for women in a variety of settings. She is the creator of Arukah, a trauma-informed, faith-centered counseling service promoting holistic restoration through evidence-based practices including the creative arts. Her mission is to empower women to overcome substance use and to enable those in the strip club industry to know their intrinsic worth.

Offering expert training on combating the realities of exploitation and addiction while providing best care practices, Danielle has been requested to advise law enforcement, medical, government and non-government professionals and serves as a consultant to the Minnesota Department of Health to expand Safe Harbor services.

Invited to speak in churches both nationally and internationally, Danielle’s captivating story of transformation inspires hope and offers solutions. She is the author of Best Care Practices, a manual for service providers, and The Garden Keys – 22 Keys of Restoration. She and her husband reside in Minnesota and together they serve as Focus Leaders in the Minnesota Apostolic Prayer Network.

Research Profile

Danielle Freitag, LADC (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor), Author, and Survivor Advocate has trained on, written about, and implemented best-care practices and approaches for the restoration of women who have experienced trauma from exploitation and who may meet criteria for problematic substance abuse.

To achieve better overall health, and to empower those seeking out recovery and restoration, trauma-informed, evidence-based practices, including music and art therapy are utilized in Danielle’s approach.

Refer to the Best Care Practices Manual to understand best practices for the restoration of women who have been exploited, who may also be fighting substance abuse and the diverse concerns related to CSE (Commercial Sexual Exploitation).

For a full list of presentations and trainings visit: https://www.action169.com/trainings

Best Care Practices Manual available at: www.Action169.com


The Garden Keys – 22 Keys of Restoration V1 The Beginning to Israel

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Best Care Practices: Empowering Female Survivors of Exploitation and/or Substance Use

This in-depth manual is designed for licensed and/or trained staff of safe homes, in-patient and out-patient treatment centers, LADC’s, counselors, advocates and/or teams who provide services for women 18+ to address problematic substance use and/or exploitation. This manual is a tool and a resource designed to equip you to effectively empower and promote healthy behavior change within those you have the privilege of serving. Best Care 

Exercises promote on-going restoration – Body, Spirit and Soul.

Utilizing evidence-based practices, different strategies are out-lined for promoting positive behavior change.

Both available at www.Action169.com