Position PhD Candidate
Institution University of Bristol
Discipline International Law
Affiliations Human Rights Researchers’ Network; Human Rights Implementation Centre; Centre for Health, Law, and Society; Feminist and Women’s Studies Association, Crucible Centre for Human Rights Research
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Contact jassi.sandhar@bristol.ac.uk

Personal Bio

meJaspreet K Sandhar is an AHRC-funded PhD candidate in International Human Rights Law at the University of Bristol. Her areas of interest are feminist legal theory, critical race theory, children in armed conflict, self-determination and civil resistance struggles, and minority rights. She holds an LLM in Human Rights Law from Birkbeck College, University of London, and a BA in Geography from King’s College London, and was former senior editor of the Birkbeck Law Review. She has held positions at Tourism Concern, the Crucible Centre for Human Rights Research, and most recently the Overseas Development Institute.

Research Profile

Picture2.pngUsing postcolonial feminism as its theoretical framework, Jassi’s research explores the social and cultural constructions of girlhood in existing gender and war narratives, and how these narratives have influenced, and manifest in, international law. Through a feminist critical discourse analysis, supported closely by empirical case studies in both Sri Lanka and Uganda, it will analyse the experiences of girl soldiers in the Sri Lankan and Ugandan conflicts, and resultantly the safeguards offered to them by international law. It will employ the voices of survivors, particularly former child soldiers, to provide evidence to the claims of International Law and to to unpack the dichotomy between the rhetoric within discourse and the reality on the ground.


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Sandhar, J K. (2016). Cultural Genocide in Tibet: The failure of Article 8 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ in protecting the cultural rights of Tibetans. Santander Art and Culture Law Review, 2/2016 (1).