Position Doctoral Researcher
Institution University of Copenhagen
Discipline Political Science
Affiliations Department of Political Science
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Contact lixuanuk@126.com; xuanli301@outlook.com

Xuan's picPersonal Bio

I am an enthusiastic and passionate early career researcher, seeking to make the world a better place, bring more understandings to the world so as to decrease hatred, misunderstanding and consolidate harmony, and, most importantly, explore and disseminate the knowledge that used to be hidden, under-discovered to the larger audiences.


I have been extensively working on youth policy, youth civic engagement and youth social movements both in Europe and in China. And i have engaged in testing the democratization theory and post-materialist theory with Mainland China and Hong Kong case.

PublicationsSupporting image .jpg

Xuan Li, Yibao Wang. 2014. “Research on the Mancur Olson’s Collective Action Theory and its Implication on Governmental Transition towards Market Liberalism in China.” Commercial Times, Beijing, China

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Xuan Li, Jens Hoff. 2017. “the Youth Policies and Youth Civic Culture of Danish Municipalities”, Nordic Political Science Association Conference.

Xuan Li. 2019. “Governance Theory and Youth Civic Engagement:
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